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Our news

Digital solidarity

Our first Digital Schools in France

Today we are launching the Digital Schools experiment in the Bas-Rhin Prefecture in the east of France, in partnership with public and associative players. The goal is to...

We support 45 Solidarity FabLabs in France and worldwide.

In 2021/2022 our network will support even more young people in difficulty using digital technology. To take it a step further, during our selection committee, we focused...

Pupils from Madagascar, Senegal and the Democratic Republic of the Congo: winners of our international online posting competition!

Our WikiChallenge competition teaches African students how to post online: unique stories which explain an aspect of their culture, their daily lives, their history......

Social and cultural solidarity

Listen to the artists we support!

Check out our first playlists! We have selected iconic recordings of classical singers who have become stars, extraordinary African voices, great jazz standards, and...

Photo highlights from the village of Ambandrika

Ambandrika is one of our “Villages.” The isolated places that we are equipping with infrastructure to provide better living and education conditions for all: healthcare...

Loubna Serraj, winner of the 3rd Orange Book Award in Africa

The Orange Book Award in Africa rewards Loubna Serraj for her novel Pourvu qu’il soit de bonne humeur, (‘Let’s hope he’s in a good mood’) published in Morocco by La Croisée...