In collaboration with the Orange Foundation, the Orange Niger Foundation is rolling out an extensive philanthropy programme which is consistent with the Group’s ideals : helping to fight poverty through the Ecoles Numériques (Digital Schools) programme, which promotes education using digital tools, especially for girls.




Examples of supported projects

4 projects found

  • Reducing maternal and neonatal deaths in the region of Agadez (Niger)

    Niger is a country where the maternal mortality rate is still very high. To reduce deaths, we are supporting a project by Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) in the region of Agadez, where few international NGOs work. This project should improve maternal and...
  • Construction of latrines

    Since 2005, in African countries where Orange operates, we have been working to improve the health of children under 5 and mothers in difficulty. The project came about owing to the extremely poor state of the latrines at the SOS Children’s Village in Niamey...
  • E-ducate for all

    Aflatoun is an international non-profit organization based in The Netherlands. It works in close partnership with over 150 organizations in 97 countries to deliver a student-centered child social and financial education (CSFE) programme. Aflatoun believes that when...
  • Keeping girls in school

    Actions engaging the community To make sure communities and local players knew about the project and supported it, we organised a meeting on July 10, 2008 in Balleyara. All administrative, municipal and institutional authorities were there. We got their approval...