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Digital solidarity

Solidarity FabLabs, pioneers in the professions of the future

FabLabs are already boosting digital professions - the professions of tomorrow - because they train young people on integration programs in digital manufacturing by...

Violence against women: leveraging digital technology for prevention and empowerment

Since 2015, our Women’s Digital Centers have helped prevent violence by empowering women. More than 40,000 women in 23 countries have so far benefited from long-term...

Digital Centers: 33 new projects selected in France

The digital training offered at our Women’s Digital Centers alongside our charity partners helps women without qualifications or a job. This year, we have selected new...

Social and cultural solidarity

Nuit de la Voix 2021

A unique musical show inspired this year by Africa, hosted by André Manoukian with the exceptional participation of Angélique Kidjo. An evening during which nearly 80...

Listen to the artists we support!

Check out our first playlists! We have selected iconic recordings of classical singers who have become stars, extraordinary African voices, great jazz standards, and...

Photo highlights from the village of Ambandrika

Ambandrika is one of our “Villages.” The isolated places that we are equipping with infrastructure to provide better living and education conditions for all: healthcare...