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Digital solidarity

What are Solidarity FabLabs? We explain everything via live video on 5 November at 5:30pm!

FabLabs have existed for several years across all continents, but the Orange Foundation decided to make them a solidarity initiative in 2014. Why? How? Who for? This...

Who will win the Solidarity FabLabs international challenge? Find out the answer live here on 5 November at 5:30pm!

On 5 November at 5:30pm, discover the winners live and even more... Elizabeth Tchoungui, Executive Director for CSR at the Orange Group, invites you to join her at...

Get involved to reduce the digital divide

Eric Pouriel, manager at Orange in Bordeaux (France), has been volunteering with the Orange Foundation since 2019 to combat digital illiteracy. He tells us what triggered...

Social and cultural solidarity

The Orange Book Award in Africa: publishers, to your novels!

In 2021, for the third year, in partnership with the Institut Français, the Orange Book Award in Africa will enable a large audience in Africa and France to discover new...

Autism and society: we are supporting 33 new integration projects

While we may promote the use of digital technology, which is so effective for certain educational programmes, it is not the only answer for the complex needs of people...

Music: the show must go on!

Among the 40 festivals that we are sponsoring in France and in Africa this year, 22 have been cancelled. They were meant to welcome more than 300,000 people this summer....