Digital solidarity

For many years we have been supporting projects that encourage learning in the countries where we are present. As we extend this commitment, digital education is now our priority. For people in difficulty, it is a driver of equal opportunity for the future: access to personal rights, the jobs market, content (online learning, free encyclopaedias, teaching videos…), the new digital manufacturing sector ( FabLabs )… digital is a new way of learning, a door to new activities for people who are currently excluded.

For over 30 years in France, and from day one in the countries where the Group now operates, the Orange Foundation has been promoting education and training. Equipping schools in Africa, supporting people with autism in France and Spain, creating digital training workshops for unemployed women...

For several years now, the marvellous potential of digital technology has helped us to expand our initiatives: equipping African schools with digital teaching kits, encouraging online training, installing and operating digital technology in places of free learning - to help women and young people who have dropped out of school...


The digital solidarity foundation


Young people


Today, we are developing digital education programmes: "Ecoles Numériques" (digital schools) for the most underprivileged children in Africa; "Ateliers Numériques" (digital workshops) and "FabLabs Solidaires" for young school dropouts; "Digital Centres" for unskilled and unemployed women.



The Orange Foundation has been helping young people and women to integrate through digital technology since 2014


The Orange Foundation in 2020