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4 my city

Inventing the city of tomorrow

The Solidarity FabLabs Challenge

Solidarity FabLabs introduce young people to digital manufacturing. The #Imake4MyCity challenge is offering them the chance to create a digital solution to invent the city of tomorrow (connected objects, signage, facilities). A smarter, fairer city.




17 teams in six countries will take part in the challenge.

Voting is now over, thank you all for having participated ! The prize of Internet users was awarded to FabLab Solidarity of Tunisia for its Smart Khadhra project during the awards evening , Wednesday, April 6 . The prize of the jury and the Foundation’s heart stroke prices also presented during the evening.


Smart Khadhra, Guru Project, Smarcheckers et Clean Up : the winners !

 Prize of Internet users : the Solidarity FabLab of Tunisia for Smart Khadhra

 Prize of the Jury : the Solidarity FabLab of Egypt for Guru Project

 Orange Foundation Favourites Prize : two joint winners : the Solidarity FabLab in Parthenay and the Solidarity FabLab in Toulouse (France) for Smartcheckers and Clean Up.

Smart Khadhra is a project designed to collect data and form a database of air quality, pollution levels, and weather conditions. A unit fitted with sensors records data which are then displayed in a web interface.

Smart Khadhra

AJST - Tunis

A prototype for solar street lights to solve the urban lighting problem in Dakar. The idea is to use local materials – some of which are recycled – to develop an inexpensive and independent energy solution.

Pavé Solaire

Ker Thiossane - Dakar

2 projects : Positive Feelings and TickM’got, to improve everyday life in the city. Positive Feelings : ecological urban lighting with benches surrounded by bamboo. TickM’got : A small, reproducible box for collecting cigarette butts in the city.

Positive Feelings & TickM’got

CERFAV - Vannes-le-Chatel

A robot fitted with a waste collection system to tackle pollution of the Garonne River.


Artilect - Toulouse

A connected meal tray. The aim is to help people with nutritional problems by analysing the weight of their food. The device has both medical and nutritional applications (for use in hospitals, catering, etc.).

Health Tray

La Machinerie - Amiens

Conception et réalisation de différents prototypes pour et par les personnes avec handicap.

The design and production of various prototypes for the disabled. The aim is to facilitate their everyday lives by designing solutions for reading, writing and leisure activities – in La Boccia’s case, a Paralympic sport.

Material for Bocce

Fundació Friends - Barcelone

The Burdigavé is a leather keyring with the name of the keys marked on it. The keyring fits easily into your wallet so you can find your keys quickly.

Le Burdigavé

Cap Sciences - Bordeaux

A digital terminal allowing individuals with autism, in particular children, to gain independence in the city. In order to be detected by the terminal, the individual wears a bracelet with an RFID chip. When the terminal detects the individual via his/her bracelet, it issues a message depending on the situation and the person.

Borne numérique

FabLab Orléanais - Orléans

Electrification of old inexpensive bikes to provide a clean means of transport.

Hope & bike

Hope and bike - Caen

StaRoad is a lighting system used in woods and forests. The system is simple : various noise and movement sensors are connected to a network of lamps. When the system detects a sound or something moving the lights turn on.


FabLab Trójmiasto - Gdansk

A checkerboard for the visually impaired. The checkerboard allows the visually impaired to play with other players at a table or online. The board retains the physical shape of a traditional board for the same game experience.


Parth’Lab - Parthenay

An enhanced bicycle.


ZINC - Marseille

This smart solar bag is designed to tackle the electricity problem in Dakar and improve the lives of its residents. The bag charges mobile electrical devices, such as smartphones and tablets, but also functions as a normal bag.


Ker Thiossane - Dakar

A removable light device for school-aged children to wear on the outside of their school bag. Using three red LEDs, the device lights up in poor lighting conditions when the bag is moving.


Coh@bit - Bordeaux

The design and production of social devices destined for the disabled. The devices are produced by a group of individuals with Asperger syndrome. One of the prototypes produced was a wheel chair.

Making for our citizens

Fundación Tecnología Social - Madrid

A robot to allow young people unable to attend school to learn new skills, in particular new technology.

Guru Project

FabLab Egypte - Le Caire

A model of the Belle de Mai and Saint-Charles districts of Marseille. The idea was to redesign the districts to erase their flaws and improve the residents’ everyday lives.

Quartier de Marseille

Centrale Marseille - Marseille

What ?

#Imake4MyCity is an international challenge. It is open to the 32 Solidarity FabLabs in France and worldwide. There are three prizes of €15,000 (web users’ prize and jury prize) for the winning FabLabs.

Who ?

Each Solidarity FabLab puts together one or more teams of young people ages 12-25.

How ?

Brainstorming, design and creation : each team will complete its own project from start to finish.

Why ?

To show what young people without formal qualifications can create using digital technology and their creative potential.