Social and cultural solidarity

As digital technology is not available everywhere and is not a solution for everything, we focus on areas that are vital for particularly vulnerable groups. We provide access to healthcare, education and culture, in France, in Europe, in Africa and in the Middle East.

Healthcare and education

Water, education and healthcare in villages
Wherever there is a lack of essentials, we help to provide access to education and healthcare in remote African villages. We build wells and clinics. Children are able to attend school in buildings that we either construct or renovate. In this way we are able to improve the living conditions of more than 350,000 people by providing facilities for 75 villages and mother and child clinics.

Since 1991, we have been helping to facilitate the social integration and improving the daily lives of people with autism and their families. In addition to support for research, charities and professionals, we equip facilities for integration through work, housing and culture. We encourage the use of digital technology to facilitate learning and the autonomy of people with autism.





Supporting culture to make it accessible to all

At the heart of the Orange Foundation when it was created, corporate sponsorship of culture has changed. It has become more social, more international and has embraced other fields: from music 30 years ago, to reading 10 years ago and, more recently, museums.

Our cultural sponsorship programme supports both the creation of and access to culture for all audiences in these 3 areas. We provide access to these 3 essential fields by making use not only of the potential of digital technology but also of more timeless and universal means, such as books, concerts and places of culture.

We are committed to bringing culture, knowledge and creativity to young artists and writers, as well as groups who would not otherwise have access, not to mention the socially excluded and unemployed.

Alongside our training and digital education programmes, we believe that helping to provide access to the richness of music, reading and museums is another way of achieving social and professional integration.





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