10 reasons to join a Solidarity FabLab

What is a Solidarity FabLab?

It is likely that you have already heard of FabLabs - centres for digital production where participants learn how to make objects using cutting-edge digital tools: 3D printers, laser cutters, digital embroidery machines.. FabLab Solidaire The Orange Foundation Solidarity FabLabs are not schools or homes or businesses... they are a state of mind and place completely different from everything you know... Discover them now!

In our Solidarity FabLabs, young people who have no qualifications or jobs learn how to make ingenious inventions for free! Yes! Yes! Like a connected garden ,a drawing robot, or an electrification kit for your bicycle... More than anything, Solidarity FabLabs are a place where young people can discover a vocation, where young people not in the school system find confidence and discover new talents.

At the Orange Foundation, we help young people who are finding it difficult to pursue conventional studies or find employment: In our Solidarity FabLabs which are active in 13 countries, young people can receive a different kind of trainingFrance, Spain,Tunisia, Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Belgium, Poland, Slovaquia, Egypt, Madagascarand more recently DRC and Morocco.

What do you think? And for you, what are good reasons for joining a Solidarity FabLab? Leave us your answers in the comments!


  1. To feel what it’s like to be a Jedi by using a digital laser
  2. To learn how to code like a pro
  3. To take part in an international challenge
  4. Learn how to use new technologies and make mind-blowing inventions
  5. Make a “holochess” set like in Star Wars
  6. Create the next new ground-breaking start-up
  7. Print 3D objects like in Grey’s Anatom
  8. Dream up and design a project from scratch
  9. Learn a new job
  10. Join the community of Makers and make new friends


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