30 years of the Orange Foundation: enchanting the world!

On 6 March, at the Trianon in Paris, the exceptional voice of Philippe Jarrousky soared on the wings of a selection of songs from the 80s, prompting a standing ovation at the Nuit de la Voix (Night of the Voice) concert. Supported at the beginning of his career by the Orange Foundation for his then exclusively classical repertoire, this great singer, who has since gained global recognition, flirted with jazz and a selection of crowd-pleasers at the musical event.

Committing to a voice and supporting it

Behind this career, like so many others, is the Foundation’s commitment to a voice...to the voices in which it believes...Since 1987, we have discovered singers including Nathalie Dessay, Karine Deshayes and Philippe Jarrousky, as well as choir and orchestra conductors such as Laurence Equilbey, Emmanuelle Haim, Christophe Rousset, Christina Pluhar, Jérémie Rhorer, Raphaël Pichon, Maxime Pascal and many more, supporting them until their careers are established. Over a period of 30 years, we have supported musical, choir and orchestral training and education for 150 people!

Philippe Jaroussky est intervenu lors de la Nuit de la Voix 2017Philippe Jaroussky recalls: “The first time I encountered the Orange Foundation, it was in connection with my first solo album over 15 years ago. The Orange Foundation is one of the most important foundations for music. It has assisted numerous singers, musicians and choirs; it is a calling card. It enabled me to establish myself fairly quickly as a recording artist. That would have taken me many years without its support"..

Difference as enrichment

Discovering artists, but also encouraging creativity and the vocal mixes that have been in play for centuries is a way of communicating our concept of an open society that is enriched by its diversity...like the Orange Group, which operates in 30 countries on several continents. Classical, jazz, world music, male and female voices, all varieties are encouraged to foster the emotions that connect us, in the image of our 25th Nuit de la Voix.



Sharing emotion and knowledge

Sharing the beauty of voices is essential. Enabling everyone, even the most isolated, to access culture is one of the ambitions of the Orange Foundation, which is also very active in offering education and digital training to people in need. For example, we support festivals and academies that bringing music to a broad public: In 2016, we supported a total of 25 classical, jazz and world music festivals! We also assist artists who work with vulnerable or isolated audiences in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, rural areas or ghettoes.


The Chorégies d’Orange festival attracts over 30,000 spectators each year
The Chorégies d’Orange festival attracts over 30,000 spectators each year.


We are also the main sponsor for opera recordings and live opera broadcasts, both outdoors and in cinemas: over 650 broadcasts in 30 countries from the Paris Opera as well as the Lille, Lyon, and Rennes operas!



Although voice is no longer the main mode of communication and information exchange as it was in the world of telecommunications 30 years ago, the singing voice remains a universal language for expressing, experiencing and sharing our cultures and emotions. Perhaps the best instrument for accessing the essential?

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