I make 4 my city : 5 Breakers games and sports


le projet
5 Breakers games and sports

Breakers - Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona-Castelldefels, Bilbao  

Digitising traditional games to make them more attractive and more accessible, to transform an amusement park into a sports venue for all, and to adapt a kayak to the needs of disabled people.

Who & what?
Young people at FabLabs in 4 cities in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona-Castelldefels and Bilbao) have collaborated and reinvented games and sports to make them more accessible to disabled people.

The traditional ‘toad in the hole’ game has been reinvented by young people in Spain by mixing digital manufacturing and craftsmanship to allow disabled people to take part. In Castelldefels-Barcelona, both a new design and new materials from the FabLab have made several games for children easier to use in the form of a games table. In this same FabLab, the kayak rudder normally controlled by legs has been transformed by an electronic system. In Valencia, the project involved transforming an amusement park into an accessible space for the elderly, those with physical or visual disabilities and children: garden trails, the adventures of Gulliver, entertainment, wheelchair courses, sports trails for the elderly... no one is left out! Finally, in Bilbao, a climbing wall for the visually impaired was designed with interactive audible grips and indications in Braille.

The possibilities offered at the FabLabs have been used to design and manufacture pieces for board games as well as sport equipment in kits for projects focusing on a sport, like an electronic kayak rudder and a climbing wall. The prototypes for the new amusement park were prepared in 2D and 3D on FabLab machines as well as its geolocation programs.




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