Orange Foundation

Working for the future of young people

Motivating underprivileged youths who are struggling at school and preparing them for the jobs of the future.

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Taking action for women’s empowerment

Giving (back) economic empowerment to unemployed women in Europe and Africa.

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Taking action for people with autism

Encourage their social and societal integration with concrete projects to help them flourish.

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The Foundation for digital solidarity that is commited in the countries where the Orange Group is present.


@alainheyraud34Alain Heyraud

Avec ses partenaires historiques @FondationOrange @CHU_Montpellier CRA @Occitanie , le @MMAsptt et le comité région…
6/12/2018 à 19h30

@OrangeSolidariTOrange Solidarité

@srichard parle de l’exclusion numérique et de la @FondationOrange dans @Challenges “13 millions de personnes ne s…
6/12/2018 à 19h09

On the spot

First digital training schemes for women in Jordan

We are opening five Women’s Digital Centres in Jordan in partnership with the NGO the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for...

India: digital technology and mechanics for women’s autonomy

The “Drive with Pride” project was initiated by the NGO Vatsayla Trust in Mumbai, India, and we have been providing...

Corsica: young people from local missions get training at the island’s first Solidarity FabLab

Unemployed young people from the rural local missions of Upper Corsica (Ghisonaccia, Corte, Balagne and Vescovatu)...

“Donnerstag aus Licht”: the debut of a new conductor at the opera!

Discovered and supported by the Orange Foundation as he started out, the young orchestral conductor Maxime Pascal,...

The women's Digital centers

They commit

Thierry Auriel, a volunteer with a big heart

Thierry Auriel, a volunteer with a big heart

Thierry Auriel has been volunteering with Mécénat Chirurgie cardiaque for several years. This organisation makes it possible for African children...

What drove me to take part in volunteering

What drove me to take part in volunteering

Martine is a volunteer with the Volunteers for people with Autism (VA) association for the Gard region. She tells us about how she became a...