Ablaye Cissoko

The Senegalese kora player, Ablaye Cissoko, whose real name is Kimintang Mahamadou Cissoko, is right at the crossroads between African music and jazz.

After his débuts with the Saint-Louis Jazz Orchestra, he released his first album "Diam" in 2003. In 2005, his album "Le Griot Rouge" established him as an internationally renowned artist.

Ablaye Cissoko then explored collaborations with François Jeanneau ("Quand se taisent les oiseaux," 2007), with the trumpeter Volker Goetze ("Sira," in 2009), the multi-instrumentalist Majid Bekkas ("Mabrouk," in 2011) and the jazz drummer Simon Goubert ("African Jazz Roots," in 2012). Since 2014, Ablaye Cissoko has also played with the Ensemble Constantinople led by Kiya Tabassian, for a unique and poetic crossover between Mandinka and Persian music. In 2015, he shared his Mandinka culture with the rest of the work in his album "Mes Racines" (My Roots) with his Senegalese band "Corda Ba."

More recently, he has played alongside Eric Bibb, Randy Weston (Jazz in Vienne 2016) and Kristin Asbjornsen in her trio and show "Traces of You."
Ablaye Cissoko performed in the Théâtre du Châtelet with Volker Goetze at the 23rd Nuit de la Voix organized by the Orange Foundation.



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Photo credit: Youri Lenquette

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