I make 4 my city : Arthur Téléprésence, a robot to encourage participation


Arthur Téléprésence, a robot to encourage participation

FabLab de Champagnole -  

A robot allowing you to watch and listen as if you were really there! A solution to get involved in sports events when you are immobilised or far away.

Who & what?
6 young people on a work placement or training thought up and designed this robot. Arthur Téléprésence moves on command in all directions and sends images and sounds from its location, places the user cannot visit like stadiums, sports venues, etc. The equipment needed for its manufacture was acquired thanks to a crowdfunding appeal launched by the young people.

To allow any person who cannot move to attend a sports event, despite geographic distance, linked to a disability, financial reasons, medical reasons etc. But more generally, to reduce the distance and prevent isolation of any person cut off from sports, cultural or social life, etc., as the robot can also visit a museum, a school, etc.

The robot can be controlled by a person with a tablet, a smartphone or a computer connected to the internet (WiFi or 4G). The robot is on a trolley with 4 Mecanum wheels and an electronic battery, a tablet which is the robot’s head (with the image of the person controlling it, if desired) and a Bluetooth connection. It creates a two-way image and sound link between the 2 sites.





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