At the Dome Solidarity FabLab, innovative training for young unemployed people in Caen

The team from the Dome will attend VivaTech on 26 May to present their creation - a kit to electrify your bike! Let’s take look at the Solidarity FabLab in Caen.

In association with the School of the Second Chance in Normandy, the FabLab offers new opportunities to young people from underprivileged backgrounds. Its objective is to train young people to use digital technology - including a 3D printer, laser cutter, digital milling machine - and share their knowledge and basic skills to help them find work.

An innovative experience

The Dome’s digital program is unique because it allows the young people who have dropped out of the school system to undergo personalised 6-9 month training programs in digital manufacturing.
At the end of the program, students are awarded six different types of badge: “I saw”, “I worked independently”, “I am familiar with the CAO software chain”, “I taught”, “I helped” and “I helped to design and work on a project”. Each of the badges forms an integral part of a meta-badge: laser cutting, vinyl cutting, digital embroidery and 3D printing, which prove the student has undergone the training and gained those skills.
Discovery sessions are also held, and in less than a year, 154 participants learned how to use digital tools and some even produced things for the first time. There is also a badge for enthusiasm at the end of each FabLab discovery session.

The participants who have taken part in the first part of the program are then confident enough to complete the entire digital program.

imprimante 3D

An unconventional educational approach that bears its fruit

Some of the participants were reluctant at first, but soon turned out to be enthusiastic and gain confidence in themselves. Much progress has been made. The students are more adventurous, involved and have gained skills. There are many things they would like to make: a levitating object that can open by remote control with something inside, perhaps a unicorn.
The FabLab training helps many of the young people become more aware, confident, and go further with their studies.

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