Autism bubbles: raising awareness through humour

"Los lunes autismo" is a participative project launched by the Orange Spain Foundation, where parents and professionals send in stories which illustrators then turn into comic strips. The aim: to use humour to change people’s point of view.

los lunes de autismo autism foundation orange

Since the project’s launch at the end of 2014, parents and web users alike have enjoyed this light-hearted approach to talking about autism with a smile.
Los lunes autismo combines participation and humour to raise awareness through authentic stories.
The project’s Spanish title is a play on a famous Spanish film "Los lunes, milagro" (Mondays, a miracle). The fact that it is published every Monday is no accident: it’s generally considered a tough day, and it’s good to start the week on a happy note.

The comic strips are currently available only in Spanish, so we have decided to adapt them into French and publish them under the title "Autism bubbles" in a further effort to raise awareness of autism.


 los lunes de lautismo autism foundation orange


los lunes de lautismo

Interview with Véronica Pensosi,
Orange Spain Foundation

Véronica autism spainVéronica, could you briefly introduce yourself and present the Orange Spain Foundation?
Hi, I’m Veronica Pensosi. I work as a project manager at the Orange Spain Foundation. We’re very committed to helping people with autism. We focus on supporting digital projects in partnership with autism experts. We also work on raising awareness in Spanish society to help people become more familiar with autism, a developmental disorder which remains very mysterious.

You started the "los lunes autismo" project. Could you tell us about how it got started and what it involves?

This project is rooted in our work on publicising autism and making society more aware of it. It follows in the footsteps for the online animated shorts Maria’s journey and Specialists’ Academy. Our goal is to find a fun and enjoyable way for people to lean about autism.

The idea of "Autism Mondays" is to use comic strips, humour and Facebook shares to raise awareness. The comic strips illustrate the special characteristics of people with autism and the unique way they see the world. The social media aspect has been a big success and a lot of families of people with autism share the comic strips with their friends every week. The comments are really positive.

A group of four illustrators takes turns drawing the anecdotes submitted online by parents and professionals. We try to use gentle stories that showcase certain traits of people with autism: a very literal use of language, trouble understanding double meanings, the importance of routine and anticipation, difficulty understanding emotions, the relationships between parents and children who have autism, etc.

We publish the stories every Monday, to start the week with a smile.

Is there one drawing or story in particular that really touched you or caught your attention?

It’s very hard to choose. I like the styles of all the illustrators: Miguel Gallardo, Martin Tognola, Oriol Malet Muria and Roger Zanni Rivas are all great artists.

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