Autism - digital action but not only...

For over 27 years, we have been committed to the cause of autism. This cause has aimed to be innovative and to build on the potential of new technology - but technology can’t solve every single problem. We therefore support more than 2500 essential initiatives to improve life together.

Integration into society

To improve the living conditions of people with autism and their loved ones, allowing for their social integration in the grand scheme of things is essential, whether for school, sport, leisure or in adapted housing.

We have implemented numerous projects to improve quality of life, from welcome, training and information centres to leisure activities. For example, in the town of L’Aigle in Normandy, an educational animal park was recently opened to bring together autistic teenagers/adults and non-autistic children around a common stimulating activity. Care for the animals and maintenance of the green spaces and facilities are carried out by autistic people as part of a supported employment scheme. As part of their school program, schoolchildren can discover plant species of all origins, see and feed animals, and get access to landscaped cultivation areas. Interaction is encouraged. This project with the Jardins d’Aymeric association, following recommendations from the HAS and the ANESM, receives a grant of €6000 from us.


les Jardins d’Aymeric, un jardin animalier pédagogiqueles Jardins d’Aymeric, un jardin animalier pédagogique


In Africa, where there is still very little awareness of autism, initiatives encouraging insight and training are multiplying. For example, in Cameroon, we have been helping the NGO Slate since 2017 by working for autistic children. This includes informing parents about autism in general and on the education of autistic children, particularly regarding the definition of autism, its characteristics and “managing” children’s reactions. The teams have equally trained carers. We have also financed special schooling for 4 autistic children as part of this programme.
At Ray Of Hope, a welcome centre for children with autism, Josephine, a mother of an autistic child told us: “I was lost. Nobody wanted anything to do with my son because he wasn’t like other children. Thanks to this centre and the grant I received, he can study and go to school like all the other children his age.”

Integration in the world of work

While autism implies certain difficulties that must be taken into account, its particular features are also an asset for certain activities. With adapted training, support, and work environment, certain exceptional capacities of people with autism enable them to perform exceptional in occupations requiring great accuracy like repetitive jobs. We support these projects where associations and companies are partners. The association “Vivre et Travailler Autrement” (Living and Working Together) has allowed 12 people with autism to work for the Andros agri-food factory while staying close to the workplace.



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