Autism: integration in society and work

Doing things with everybody and like everybody else when you’re autistic? It is possible! While autism implies certain difficulties that must be taken into account, its particular features are also an asset for certain activities. We favour the integration of people with autism into society, work, creation, sport... because it benefits us all. Sharing our talents, learning from our differences to succeed together.

Taking action for the integration and independence of people with autism completes our historic commitment in research, the welcome places, learning through digital technology. We finance these new integration actions which benefit over 3,500 people per year, wherever they fall on the autistic spectrum. Our actions take many forms:

à l'ASPTT de Montpellier

Allowing a child with autism to play their favourite sport with neurotypical children

It is possible since we have signed an agreement allowing autistic children between 18 months and 9 years old to play sport at ASPTT clubs.
A group of neurotypical children are led by a teacher. The autistic child is supported by a specialised teacher who has prepared them for the exercises in advance using a tablet. All the children can play sports together, breaking down barriers.

à l'usine andros

Training and integrating people with autism in the workplace

with adapted training, support, and work environment, certain exceptional capacities of people with autism give them a performance far beyond others: repetitive work, occupations needing great accuracy. We support these projects where associations companies are partners. The Witoa association in Toulouse hired Sébastien under a permanent contract and welcomes Arthur on a civic service programme, both of them suffering from Asperger’s. The Vivre et Travailler Autrement (Live and Work Differently) association has helped 12 people with autism work for the Andros food plant by living close to the workplace. In 2017, after 5 months of training, 10 Asperger’s sufferers currently out of work will be certified as “web developers” and supported under a permanent contract in September.

Sébastien, autiste Asperger

Giving a Boost to professional projects by people with high-functioning autism

we want to help people with high-functioning autism who are penalised for their lack of interest in social interaction. They are exceptional talents who ask for nothing more than a boost to fulfil themselves in their field: music, styling, editing, etc. By helping them we want to help them to make a new start and more generally, to highlight their potential and their value to other professional partners.

To create adapted living areas

We foster the creation of adapted housing which give more independence to autistic adults without a family unit and a house that ensures them good living conditions. The structure, the equipment and the support associated with the places take into account the problems of their occupants. They are adults who are not in a position to work but can envisage a semi-independent life in contact with others.