Because everyone benefits if we’re all committed

The Orange Foundation encourages and values the active participation of Orange Group employees and retirees in community life.

This commitment embodies the human dimension of Orange and carries the Group’s values into the world beyond; to date, three areas of commitment have been developed:

  • Volunteer activities
    Ever-increasing numbers of Orange volunteers also give their time to support people with autism or reduce the digital divide, but more generally, they are committed to creating or recreating social links among people with difficulties (young people, seniors, people with disabilities, unemployed youth etc.).
  • In France, Skills philanthropy
    Today, over 900 people approaching retirement work part-time for organisations that are in harmony with the Foundation’s values (Secours Populaire, Red Cross, Valentin Hauy Association and others).
    The Part-Time Senior scheme enables people to work half-time for a community organisation for about three years, whilst continuing as an Orange employee.
    Since its inception, the skills philanthropy initiative has provided 33,000 working days to community organisations.
  • Employee led community projects
    In 2014, 116 projects were proposed and supported in the fields of health, education and access to culture in France.

Over 7,000 Orange employees are already involved, one way or another, in putting the Orange Group’s solidarity values into practice.

Eunice Bonareri Moseti, appointed Orange Communicator, seeks to get her colleagues involved in employee volunteering.

Because the Orange Foundation innovates ...

In France, a new form of solidarity is emerging at this very moment: The Orange Solidarity association, a new response to the digital needs of community organisations.

Orange Solidarity is an NGO supported by the Orange Foundation that has been created to combat the digital divide and encourage community organisations involved in education, health and social integration to use digital tools.

Since 2010, over 1,000 Orange Solidarity digital workshops have been run by 2,500 Orange volunteers, making digital technology accessible to those who are the furthest removed from it (about 4 million people in France) yet need it to enter (or re-enter) society or the workplace.

To enhance the impact of Orange Solidarity, the Orange Foundation now intends to involve all those who have chosen to help with skills philanthropy (in addition to Orange volunteers).

Orange Solidarity will now combine the digital expertise and working time of Orange employees to make them available to community organisations.
There are two main objectives in doing this:

  • To "digitise" non profit associations and help them improve the effectiveness of their organisation and operations using digital technology.
  • To implement digital educational projects and develop new ways of learning by facilitating access to comprehensive programmes (academic support for example).

Examples : the Khan Academy accessible online in all French-speaking countries, a new online platform to facilitate use of digital apps by people with autism, both of which are large projects supported by the Orange Foundation.

The Orange Solidarity association is rolling out across the French regions, nine centres have already been established; the rest depends on you!