Amazing women award
Emma, beneficiary of the Digital Centre in Paris

Emma, beneficiary of the Digital Centre in Paris

"Become a software developer"

My name is Emma, and I’m 43. I was born in Morocco, where I earned a two-year degree in Mathematics in 1995, and taught the subject for 10 years. I moved to France in 2004 and earned an aesthetician’s certificate in 2007. It was the start of something new and exciting, but unfortunately my personal life became a living hell and I wound up with depression.

Support from the FDFA association

Now I am striving to rebuild myself, day by day. It’s not always easy because my situation is still precarious. Fortunately for the past year I have been receiving support from Femmes pour le Dire, Femmes pour Agir (FDFA), an organisation that fights the double discrimination faced by women with disabilities (whether physical or mental) and violence and mistreatment of women with disabilities. Its workshops on help in finding a job, beauty, well-being and IT, which are held at the Women’s Digital Centre, are restoring my self-confidence.

My dream

I am thrilled to be one of the Orange Foundation Amazing Women Award picks for the Paris region. The grant will help me pay for training to become a software developer. That’s my dream! If I can achieve that goal, I can gain experience, work as a freelancer, and be independent!

A message from Maudy Piot, President of FDFA

"Emma was overjoyed to receive the Orange Foundation’s grant. It will help her start a new life, as a fully functional member of society!"