I make 4 my city : Boccia Kit, a musical mat and a tactile storytelling device


Boccia Kit, a musical mat and a tactile storytelling device

Ataneus des Fabricacio - Barcelone  

A kit allowing disabled people to play boccia & two tactile and musical devices to encourage children’s psychomotor development through storytelling and sensations.

Who & what?
The young people taking part in this project all have Asperger’s syndrome. They are between 16 and 25 years old and come from Fundacio Friends, an association which works to integrate talented people with autism. They joined together with the group YAMAKERS in Barcelona which aims to promote projects to help local disabled people through digital manufacturing. Their work has led to 3 creations: improving the Boccia Kit already offered in the 2016 challenge & its adaptation to physically disabled people in particular, a musical and visual device to convey the magic of storytelling to children with psychomotor issues, and a tactile and musical mat so they can experience well-being and various sensations.

The boccia kit allows physically disabled children to play this sport and consequently improve their well-being, health and integration. A visual and tactile approach is used in the second project which aims to tell stories to children with psychomotor disabilities more easily, where “traditional” reading would be very difficult. Finally, the musical and tactile mat allows children to immerse themselves in a universe (e.g. marine) via textures, shapes and sounds.

The projects have required the group to learn about the equipment & software at the FabLab (like Scratch and Makey Makey) but also to adopt team-working methods (workshops, punctuality, flexibility, group work, negotiation, prioritisation, organisation..) and therefore to develop professional skills and personal qualities. The 3 projects are available in the form of prototypes which are continuously improved by the FabLab community; they can be adapted, modified and personalised to benefit the greatest number of people: families, teachers, etc.




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Solidarity FabLabs introduce young people to digital manufacturing and provide training. Today the #Imake4MyCity challenge is allowing them to propose projects that make it easier for everyone, everywhere to take part in sport and also to contribute to changing the way that society looks at disability.