Bratislava and Agen: two new Solidarity FabLabs!

The two new FabLabs, inaugurated in March, have joined the network of the 51 Solidarity FabLabs we support.

Since the 2014 launch of the Solidarity FabLabs programme, we have aimed to use digital technology to give struggling young people a fresh start. We currently support 51 Solidarity FabLabs in France and abroad, including the new locations in Bratislava and Agen. "FabLabs are a great opportunity for struggling young people to develop their digital skills and prepare for the careers of the future" explained Brigitte Audy, General Secretary of the Orange Foundation, at the inauguration of the Bratislava FabLab.
During the ceremony, which was attended by Andrej Kiska, the President of the Slovak Republic, and Ivo Nesrovnal, the Mayor of Bratislava, she highlighted the FabLabs’ approach to education: "We know that the way people learn in FabLabs, which is based on doing and sharing, offers powerful leverage to increase young people’s confidence and self-esteem."


>>>Photos of the inauguration of the FabLab in Bratislava

inauguration FabLab street
inauguration FabLab room
signature president FabLab

Developing Solidarity FabLabs everywhere

The Solidarity FabLabs network is international, and it’s not just for major cities.

We strive to offer young people the opportunity to benefit from digital technology no matter where they live, as Brigitte Audy reminded participants at the inauguration of the Le Kiosque 47 FabLab in Agen: "We want to draw in young people, not necessarily just geeks, and raise their awareness - and for the highly motivated among them, offer digital fabrication training that capitalises on their skills" . Like the FabLab in Agen, we support Solidarity FabLabs across France (see map), and not just in major cities such as Toulouse and Bordeaux. Jean-Alain Mariotti, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lot-et-Garonne, believes in the importance of our approach: "Our rural areas need support more than ever before. We have to provide support for training and digital development.

map FabLabs solidarity 2016
The map of Solidarity FabLabs in France.

Developing digital technology creates opportunities for young people in rural areas: " It’s important to get young people interested in the industry and show them the jobs of the future", said Thierry Labarbe, President of SOTRA, the organisation behind the project. "Mechanical jobs are changing with 3D printing, robotics and connected objects, and that makes them far more appealing to young people."

>>>Photos of the inauguration of the FabLab in Bratislava

inauguration FabLab
inauguration FabLab

These two inaugurations marked the start of our support for the new Solidarity FabLabs, selected during our latest call for projects in early 2016.


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