I make 4 my city : “On the move in Château”, showing how many steps residents have walked


“On the move in Château”, showing how many steps residents have walked

FabLab Château Thierry -  

Showing how many steps have been walked by the town’s residents to make this activity accessible to as many people as possible... and make Château Thierry the most active town in France in terms of walking!

Who & what?
3 young people aged 21 to 23, without a job, 2 of whom are part of the Garantie Jeune programme at the Mission Locale, worked at the FabLab to create a connected display panel... showing how many steps residents have walked. A program which controls over 300 LEDs.

To directly display the number of steps walked by connected residents to stimulate them and encourage them to boost results by walking more! It’s about creating a form of competition to encourage more walking, individually or in a group, in a town which aims to be the most active in France.

The display panel is made of a solid wood fibreboard structure and a lighting system made of coloured and programmable LEDs, protected with vinyl. Its design and manufacture have used all of the FabLab’s resources from the initial designs through to its manufacture (printing, drilling, engraving, cutting, Arduino Mega card). The code continuously collects the number of steps on the website and breaks it down into figures, which are transformed into words like “millions”. Currently it is a cheap prototype better adapted to an inside space which can be viewed from outside. The ultimate goal is to expand it and make it in plastic which is more expensive but better adapted to outdoor conditions.





Three other random project...

A universal adapter for those who are have had their arm amputated or who suffer from a physical disability affecting their arm: all body shapes and racquet sports are compatible!


FabLab Albilab - Albi  

Un prototype de fauteuil handisport pour mieux intégrer les personnes handicapées à la vie sportive et sociale en Tunisie.

Smart wheelchair

FabLab Jeunes Science de Tunisie - Tunis  

An edible game of chess you can make yourself and then eat! 13 young people have shared their digital and culinary skills to create a prototype to be used at associations, hospitals and schools... to learn about digital manufacturing and dietary health.

The chess meal tray

FabLab Pot-au-Fab - Paris  

The Solidarity FabLabs Challenge

Solidarity FabLabs introduce young people to digital manufacturing and provide training. Today the #Imake4MyCity challenge is allowing them to propose projects that make it easier for everyone, everywhere to take part in sport and also to contribute to changing the way that society looks at disability.