Cooking lessons with a tablet!

One morning at the Institut Educatif les Liserons in Saint-Laurent d’Agny (Rhône), a cooking workshop is being held for some autistic teenagers. But this cooking workshop doesn’t have any books or documents. Here digital technology has made its debut. Tablets financed by the Orange Foundation in 2014 have been used for several months.

Valentin has made a pizza, Guillaume a courgette and goat’s cheese loaf. What a feast! There are no cookbooks or fact sheets on the counter. Valentin worked with the tablet and gives a demonstration: he slides his finger along the screen. It stores all the photos describing how to make the pizza. He follows all the steps, going through the photos one by one. "Even the ingredients, he went to look for them in the kitchen cupboard" his instructor explains. "Everything is listed in the tool" adds the director. Guillame made his loaf in the same way. But he also uses an iPod as well as some writing. He can therefore explain himself and he offers us a wonderful direct demonstration. He taps on the screen: "I want a pizza", the audio function gets working and the phrase is understood. He moves the dish, he serves it, a big smile from Guillaume, his instructor is also delighted to see his progress.

At Liserons, the professionals (instructors, psychologists, management team) are unanimous about this tool: "it opens up excellent opportunities", "it’s an advantage" - but this doesn’t mean getting rid of traditional teaching methods. "We need to use both" summarises Christine Bon, deputy director. Of course, the Liserons team carries out a lot of work in advance: settings, choosing applications, training, before using it with the children. "We are getting there gradually, but we are getting there" adds Bertrand Gautier, director.


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