Discovery and sharing: these are the aims we have set ourselves in the world of culture. Since the inception of the Foundation in 1987 we have been encouraging artists and participating in the popularisation of culture through digital.

To be an actor for digital solidarity also means putting culture within reach of audiences who struggle to access it for social, geographic or health reasons.

Supporting artists and festivals

To promote culture you have to promote artists; which is why we work to help new talent develop, particularly in musical genres that are sometimes neglected by the music industry, such as vocal music, baroque or classic. To listen, to discover a vocal group and to help bring its art to a wider audience: this is what we love to do. Supporting quality festivals is the extra step we take, with support for more than 20 festivals of classical, jazz and World music, across the whole of France. Open to young artists, these opportunities for sharing and coming together offer original programmes that we are determined to preserve.



Vocal, classical, contemporary, jazz and world music

Every year we support 50 different artist projects that we select according to very specific criteria:

  • Professionalism: the projects must be run and performed by professionals
  • Repertoires: classical, contemporary creation, jazz and world music
  • Artistic quality: we support projects that are bold choices, in terms of works, repertoires and artists.
  • Ongoing support: they must be long term projects
  • Reach: we support projects that are wide-ranging rather than one off
  • Geographic balance: the projects must involve France and all the countries where we are present.


credit : Gérard Uferas


Voices united for a night

Reflecting the diversity of our commitment, every year the Nuit de la Voix concert shines a spotlight on our chosen talent. On one extraordinary evening the voices of the artists we support are heard together. Wonderful moments to experience and enjoy again and again.

Promoting culture through digital

Geographic, economic or social distance should not be an obstacle to culture. We help promote culture in an effort to break down physical frontiers. We are the leading sponsor of live opera broadcasts in cinemas, encouraging the popularisation of music in the media, public spaces and online. Every season in this way more than 100,000 spectators experience major musical events close to their homes, broadcast live and with excellent sound and image quality.