I make 4 my city : Discovering sports clubs in Grand Dijon


Discovering sports clubs in Grand Dijon

FabLab Kellefabrik - Dijon  

Young school drop-outs and hearing impaired pupils have created videos allowing people to discover sport clubs online in the Dijon metropolitan area.

Who & what?
4 hearing impaired pupils aged 13 and 14 and 2 young drop-outs aged 16 and 18 supervised by a teacher to learn about creating videos, organising filming and working in a team with sports clubs as partners. The aim: to place videos online which provide information to deaf and hearing impaired people regarding sports possibilities in the city.

The aim of the video creation project is to allow 6 young people to learn about working together despite their differences, to include disability into the design of a project, to work in project mode with partners like sports clubs, to develop professional video skills... The aim of the videos themselves is to help the deaf or hearing impaired to discover possibilities offered by the city of Dijon in terms of sport.

The first stage of the project involved helping each other, exchanging skills, and teamwork at the Solidarity FabLabs. Then there was work to prepare and organise filming with sports clubs. Then the filming itself: identification, interviews, editing... The videos produced will be accessible on the FabLab site and distributed via social networks to the hearing impaired interested in sport in Grand Dijon.





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