Digital Education in Libraries

Libraries Without Borders and the Orange Foundation are synergizing their resources to roll out the Khan Academy to French speakers worldwide:

LWB is introducing Khan Academy at next-generation libraries that use new technologies to provide free remote access: In France and from Haiti to Burundi to Yaounde, there are new mobile and portable libraries and Ideas Boxes (a travelling library for refugees), etc.

The Orange Foundation is introducing Khan Academy

  • at schools in French-speaking Africa.
    In addition to funding the Khan Academy’s translations and pilot programmes,
    to ensure wide distribution where it is most needed, the Orange Foundation is making Khan Academy part of the digital education kit it will be launching in Africa in October. The original kit is designed for 130 schools in Cameroon, Tunisia, Madagascar, Senegal and Niger, countries where textbooks can be scarce.
  • academic support associations in France:
    The Foundation is providing the expertise of volunteers from Orange and its employees who want to be skills sponsors. In mid-September, it will also be holding a selection committee to choose and fund a number of associations running back-to-school initiatives to offer original academic support through the Khan Academy lessons.