Digital Workshops

We want to help young people to use digital technology as a stepping stone to the world of work. Since 2010, alongside our partner charities and our committed employees, we have been offering various trainings in digital technology free of charge throughout France for young people who otherwise are often unemployed, unskilled and sometimes vulnerable. Our role is to help these young people adopt digital professional behaviour. That means teaching them how to look for a job, how to use digital tools in a company and even pursuing digital technology as a career.


In our training rooms, these young people learn to use digital technology to find a job: online CVs, using social media, building e-reputation, administrative registration and so on. This knowledge is recognised by the Orange Foundation digital passport: a plus on the CV for a future employer. Since 2018, almost 25,000 young people have been trained in this way every year, free of charge, in 10,000 workshops throughout France.

In the field, as part of a digital project, these young people can also work in groups on a topic of their choosing: web TV production, creating a collaborative platform, etc. This learning “by doing” enables them to develop their technical, digital and transverse (e.g. project management) skills. Supported by integration associations (Mission Locale, e2c, etc.), they obtain professional experience in the business world, in crafts and local authorities that will be a true asset to them in their search for employment. Every year, we support around 30 projects throughout the country, having assisted a total of 107 Mission Locale projects since 2014.

éducation numérique ensemble insertion des jeunes


programme ensemble pour l'insertion des jeunes formation metz
formation éducation numérique ensemble insertion jeunes
solidarité éducation numérique ensemble insertion des jeunes


With whom?

Non-profit organisations (like the ’Missions Locales’) that support young people in vocational training also work with volunteer Orange employees. Together, they train young people in digital tools and pass on their knowledge of the world of work so that, in turn, they can also join that world.

Thanks to the involvement of our employees, these young people from 16 to 25 years old develop their skills while benefiting from the experience and knowledge of digital professionals.


In workshops and training rooms, these skills are grouped into three different modules: Accessing my rights online, My online CV: finding a job online, Managing my digital identity.

These three modules form a foundation of knowledge that they can use when looking for a job or training. Above all, they receive the "Orange Foundation digital passport", which certifies that they have participated in these digital training workshops.

In the field, as part of a digital project, the experience these young people gain provides them with concrete answers to career guidance issues. Beyond the digital skills they acquire, they may also discover and choose a career based on their experiences. They also learn to organise themselves, work as part of a team and adapt to the codes of conduct within the company or in the working world as a whole.