Digital education

For many years we have been supporting projects that encourage learning in the countries where we are present. As we extend this commitment, digital education is now our priority. For people experiencing difficulties, it can help create equal opportunities as they look to the future. Online lessons, open-access encyclopaedia, educational videos, FabLabs, tablets... digital technology offers new ways to learn and provides easier access to education for people who face obstacles that can be economic, health-related, geographic and more.

For over 25 years in France, and from day one in the countries where the Group now operates, the Orange Foundation has been promoting education and training. Equipping schools in Africa, supporting people with autism in France and Spain, creating digital training workshops for unemployed women...


Young people Solidarity FabLab Toulouse


For several years now the tremendous potential of digital technology has helped us to expand our initiatives: equipping African schools with digital teaching kits, encouraging online training, installing and operating digital technology in free learning centres - to help women and young people who have dropped out of school...

4 digital education programmes

We are currently expanding 4 digital education programmes launched in 2015: Digital Schools for the most disadvantaged children in Africa; Solidarity FabLabs for young people who have dropped out of school; our Digital Centres for unemployed and unqualified women; Together for Youth Integration.

These programmes are deployed in France, Europe and Africa, from rural areas to major cities. The common thread for all these digital education programmes is equipment (tablets, PC, 3D printers, laser cutter...), free educational content, and the trademark of our foundation - Orange employees voluntarily supporting our beneficiaries.

New technologies also contribute positively to the education and interactions of people with autism, which is why they are an important element of our commitment to this cause.

While awaiting the arrival of digital technology in some isolated areas of Africa, we are establishing infrastructure to help populations settle, and to enable children, girls as well as boys, to go to school. These are the Orange Villages, each one equipped with a clean water source, a healthcare centre and a school.


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