Festival Du Bout du Monde in Crozon

Artistic Director: Jacques Guérin

This Breton event, a meeting place for music from around the world, offers an extremely eclectic program that ranges from modern French song to world music. Each year, the festival features selected projects: inter-artist encounters, unique collaborations, guest directors, etc. An Orange Foundation "Coup de Coeur" prize was awarded in 2013 (Sandra Nkaké, Cameroon), 2014 (the group Txarango, Spain) and 2015 (Faada Freddy, Senegal).

Supported by the Orange Foundation from 2012 to 2015.



Winner "Coup de coeur 2015": Faada Freddy (Senegal).

Winner "Coup de coeur 2014" : Txarango (Spain).

Winner "Coup de coeur 2013": Sandra Nkake (Cameroon)