"Help women in my region"

My name is Ikram, and I’m 34. I was born in northern Tunisia, in Zaghouan. I grew up there, and still live there with my family. Most women here make a living by producing home-made pastries and selling "Kaak warka," the famous local cake.

My activity

When I was little, I wanted to be like those women, who have preserved and passed down their techniques. Now I want to stay on that path by helping them produce and sell their products while preserving their ancestral techniques. So I created a store to sell their cakes to a wider public, and it’s been a success in Tunisia! It’s also a social business, since 5 women work with me full-time on it.

My dream

Ultimately, my dream is to turn my little business into a real industry, without sacrificing the products’ authenticity I would like to export "Kaak warka" worldwide, and for these women’s expertise to be recognised. With the Amazing Women Award picks grant, I will be able to invest in equipment to modernise production. My main aim in developing the business is to help these women who have given me so much!