Kumusha Takes Wiki: promoting collaborative knowledge in Africa

We have been supporting Kumusha Takes Wiki since January 2014. This initiative works with Wikipedia to increase knowledge of African communities. The goal : to encourage online contributions and the diffusion of African cultures.

Kumusha Takes Wiki aims to make it simpler and easier to contribute to Wikipedia. The ultimate goal is for each community to be able to create its own knowledge base using the Wikipedia contribution system. To do so, Kumusha Takes Wiki wants to make it easier to produce information about each community (texts, photos, videos, infographics) in order to provide a high level of detail.

We provide support to Kumusha Takes Wiki in Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda as a part of the broader Activate Africa initiative. Promoting digital access to knowledge is one of our priorities, an ambition embodied by Kumusha Takes Wiki. By contributing to Wikipedia, communities become a part of spreading knowledge and benefit from the opportunity to learn new things every day.
Several initiatives to encourage contributions have been launched in both countries, including topical workshops and photography competitions. The results are encouraging. In Uganda, 40 contributors have been involved in creating 847 articles and modifying 4915 pages (adding photos, details, etc.) since January 2014, while participants in Côte d’Ivoire have completed 5,716 modifications and started 697 projects.

>>Winning photographs from the competition.

photo kumusha takes wiki

Kumusha Takes Wiki has inspired Africa’s Wikipedians over the past 18 months. We are proud to be a part of developing and sharing knowledge through digital technology by supporting this initiative.

For more information
Visit the Kumusha Takes Wiki WIkipedia page.

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