La Tempete

La Tempête (The Tempest) company was established in 2015 by the French conductor Simon-Pierre Bestion.

Having studied the harpsichord at the Conservatoire de Nantes and then the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt, his taste for writing, composition and contemporary music led him to discover polyphony and the diversity of the choral repertoire. He trained to be a conductor with Valérie Fayet and then joined the CNSMP in Lyon in Nicole Corti’s class.

Simon-Pierre Bestion’s artistic work is characterized by a musical heritage of non-Western traditions, rituals and creation. He is strongly influenced by the music of composers such as Jean-Louis Florentz and Maurice Ohana.
Compagnie la Tempête was supported by the Orange Foundation to make its professional début. Its new program, "L’enfant noir" by Florentz, inspired by Ethiopian music, was also sponsored by the Foundation for its recent creation at the Musée du Quai Branly.



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Photo credit: Hubert Caldagues, Photoheart

The artists

Angelique Kidjo

Ablaye Cissoko

Axelle Fanyo


Celine Banza


Kandy Guira

Maitrise de Radio France

Rene Ramos Premier

André Manoukian

Since 1987, we have accompanied 134 professional musical groups: choirs, orchestras, vocal groups and participated in the detection of many young artists in France and Africa. For most of them, we were their very first sponsor. Our Night of the Voice honors them.

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