La Trilogie de la Détention

Artistic Director: Thierry Machuel

La "Trilogie de la détention" is a series of three oratorios by composer Thierry Machuel, which reveals the voices of everyone affected by the prison system, from crime victims to those more distantly affected, like family members, friends and even passers-by. The first oratorio, entitled Les Parloirs, is based on ten texts by prisoners. The second, Les lessiveuses, is in the voice of prisoners’ mothers. The third and final piece, Les victimes, is inspired by the stories of crime victims. The trilogy will be performed by the ensemble 2e2m, directed by Pierre Roullier. Several performances are planned, with the first to be given in January 2016 in Châtillon for the 30th anniversary of the INAVEM and at the Collège des Bernardins in Paris.

New project supported in 2015.