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The 5th Solidarity FabLabs challenge!

The aquaponics kit

Solidarity FabLab Lisungi   

Four young people aged 24 to 28 who were unable to continue their studies joined this FabLab and invented an urban agriculture kit. This kit offers a solution to urbanization happening at breakneck pace in their country, climate change and growing rates of malnutrition. The plants are fertilized and irrigated with the nutrient-rich water from the fish tanks, which they recycle. This natural form of farming is possible on roofs and patios. It requires less labor, consumes 90% less water and yields up to 15 times as much as planting in the ground!

Discover a video of the project.

The project in photos

The aquaponics kit
The aquaponics kit
The aquaponics kit

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We have provided free training to young people seeking to enter the world of work since 2014 in our Solidarity FabLabs. There they learn digital manufacturing, teamwork and perhaps even a future trade. Our international challenge is aimed at them. It allows them to use our FabLabs to develop a project from A to Z and show everything they are capable of doing today. This year, the challenge is to create digital objects that address new agricultural and food issues. A theme that directly addresses one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: "End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture."