Maitrise de Radio France

Growing up with music, by following an exceptional artistic course, that is the challenge that the "Maîtrise de Radio France" has taken up since its creation in 1946. The students’ days are split into two, with academic classes in the morning and musical classes in the afternoon; the "Maîtrise de Radio France" was one of the first to adopt this system in France.

This children’s choir is associated with the Radio France orchestras and choir. It is regularly called on by other orchestras and renowned conductors. The Maîtrise seeks to showcase the choral repertory for children’s voices.
Today, the "Maîtrise de Radio France" is a school that truly opens doors with a focus on excellence and has close to 180 students, spread across the sites in Paris and Bondy, which have been under the artistic and education direction of Sofi Jeannin since 2008.
In 2021, as part of the Equal Opportunities program, the Orange Foundation supported the development of the Maîtrise in Bondy by helping to extend the training course to young high schoolers in Bondy.



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Photo credit: Christophe Abramowitz

The artists

Angelique Kidjo

Ablaye Cissoko

Axelle Fanyo


Celine Banza

La Tempete


Kandy Guira

Rene Ramos Premier

André Manoukian

Since 1987, we have accompanied 134 professional musical groups: choirs, orchestras, vocal groups and participated in the detection of many young artists in France and Africa. For most of them, we were their very first sponsor. Our Night of the Voice honors them.

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