More than 30 years of philanthropy in the field of music: supporting vocal music and enabling access to it for all

Supporting the creation & spread of music

For 30 years, we have discovered and helped young vocal music artists, supporting them in their professional lives. We meet with the artists, listen to them, and discuss their musical vision. We support them until they are solidly established on the music scene. With the assistance of a committee of musical experts, we assess and select the projects we believe in. We detect projects that would never come to fruition without our support. We encourage artists’ residences, training academies for young singers, workshops with the public. The Voix de la Fondation Royaumont Academy, the Baroque de Sablé Academy, the Périgor Noir Festival Academy, and TOTEM in Chartreuse Villenueve-les-Avignons are just some of the partners we help so that they may welcome young singers, musicians, composers, librettists and stage directors in residences.


Festival d'Aix-en-Provence


We support festivals with a bold approach to their musical choices and a wide international outreach. Over 20 festivals benefited from our philanthropy in 2018. We also help young people to develop in many regions and, since 2019, in 9 African countries.

Our initiatives encourage the more widespread broadcasting of classical vocal music: We facilitate connections between artists, authors producers, distributors and publishers, as well as encounters with the public.. We are the leading supporter of the live recording and broadcasting of opera in cinemas. In 30 countries, we thus make it possible for almost 200,000 cinema goers to more easily access performances by the Paris Opera, the Opera of Rennes and the Opera of Lyons.


Marian Flores, soprano
Simon-Pierre Bestion, chef de choeur


Helping those who previously had no access to music

Every year, we finance the live, open-air broadcasting of operas in city squares throughout the regions of France. This means free-of-charge access to the performance of an opera for thousands of people who could not otherwise afford to go to the opera.

In the same generous spirit, for people even further removed from the world of culture, we support the development of children’s choirs in underprivileged areas (CREA in Aulnay-sous-Bois, El Camino with the Orchestra of Pau), workshops and concerts in hospitals ("Tournesol", "Artistes à l’hôpital") and retirement homes ("Music’O Seniors").

We also encourage projects to share music and intercultural exchanges with vulnerable musicians from around the world, such as those involved with the Orpheus XXI project at the Saline d’Arc-et-Senans. "The idea of Orpheus XXI with refugee musicians is to preserve and further develop eastern musical heritage and culture, and allow all to take part in dialogue through music" Jordi Savall.

Nuit de la Voix

Since 1991, the Nuit de la Voix has celebrated our musical patronage. The evening, which is held every year in a Paris concert hall, brings together the artists we currently support or have supported in the past. The event is an intense moment of emotion and sharing through song, devoted to our values and our commitment.


Nuit de la Voix, théâtre du Châtelet


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