Museums: developing new ways to access knowledge for all

For a few years, in partnership with cultural institutions, we have been producing MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses, to help provide free-of-charge access to training courses with a cultural aspect, to help people learn at home at their own speed.


MOOC en parcours libre : l’art moderne et contemporain en 8 gestes avec le Centre Pompidou


These new ways of learning, which give access to the riches of large cultural institutions, propose free-of-charge, 24h access for limited periods to online courses for which each subscriber is free to decide when and how much time to devote to the sessions.
Each MOOC sequence concerns a specific topic, complete with videos, complementary resources, learning activities, a discussion forum and a dialogue with course leaders.
At the end of each sequence, participants can take a short quiz to self-assess their learning. It’s the free and easy way to learn about a topic, whether it’s about such things as modern and contemporary art, the origins of humankind, Louis XIV at Versailles or Impressionism.

Since 2014, we have launched 20 MOOCs, which have attracted 251,000 subscribers.