Music Crab, the application that makes it fun to learn music!

Music CrabThanks to our support, Music Crab the free music app has come to Android.

It’s never been so easy to read music whist singing! For young and old, this fun app revolutionises the process of learning to read music and music theory anywhere in the world.

This method teaches you to sight-read music, which is immediately converted into music in your head. This exercise helps to improve anticipation and stimulation of the imagination.

The priority is to respond to the recurring question asked by children: “What does this do?” and to revive the enjoyment of learning music theory.
On Apple smartphones and tablets, the app has already been downloaded more than 13,000 times (in 69 countries). Music Crab is the 37th highest selling app in France and the 150th in the United States in the ranking of the applications for the iPad.

Music theory - child’s play

App Music Crab
Work your reflexes and make much faster progress by playing Music Crab.
App Music Crab
Dive straight into the world of Music Crab and beware of the tropical fish, the curious octopus, the seahorse and the family of jelly fish who will try to make things difficult for you!


App Music Crab
10 levels per clef, great for learning! The first levels are suitable for children with learning difficulties.
App Music Crab
Read notes in French or English: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti and CDEFGAB. Sight-read the 7 clefs: bass, baritone, soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto and tenor clefs.


Eric Zorgniotti, a professional musician and professor of musical training in a music academy, invented this fun, interactive and universal learning method for reading music.

He tested the method on his 187 students at the music academy, in particular certain gifted children or children with learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism), and noted that they made progress whilst maintaining the enjoyment of learning and having fun.

Entirely free, with no advertisements, this app is becoming one of the best social and educational solutions for learning to read music in a fun way. A major update to the app was implemented at the start of 2017 to make the game more suitable for children with learning difficulties by adding a new dial to adjust the reading speed.

We are supporting the Music Crab app for its work to make music more accessible and also for stimulating the creativity of people with autism.

So try it out, it’s easy! Check it out in the App Store or the Play Store.

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