Musical sponsorship in 2022: Supporting young artists and ensuring access to music for all

Professional integration for young artists

For over 35 years, we have been discovering and supporting young musical groups and assisting them with professional integration.

Our Foundation has supported more than 140 young choirs, orchestras and musical groups, enabling them to make a living from their talents and establish themselves on the music scene. Most of these musical groups are now at the forefront of the scene and enjoy international recognition. In 2022, we are supporting 8 young classical music ensembles:

EnsembleDirecteur artistique
Ensemble DiderotJohannes Pramsohler
Les SurprisesLouis Noel Bestion de Camboulas
La Chapelle HarmoniqueValentin Tournet
Ensemble Marguerite LouiseGaétan jary
Ensemble C BarréSébastien Boin
I GemelliEmiliano Gonzalez Toro
Les EpopéesStéphane Fuget


Since 2019, our musical sponsorship program, has been open to a wider range of musical repertoires, supporting jazz, traditional and world music artists and reflecting Orange’s international influence, especially in Africa.



André Manoukian, pianiste


Emel Matlouthi (Tunisia), Ablaye Cissoko (Senegal) , Rokia Traore (Mali), Oum (Morocco), les Mamans du Congo, BIM (Bénin), Céline Banza (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Kandy Guira (Burkina Faso), and many others have benefited from our sponsorship and/or performed at our Nuit de la Voix concerts.

We also play a role in the discovery and professional integration of young artists by supporting various academies and competitions. In 2022, these included: Académie Philippe Jarrousky and the Voix des Outre-mer and Grandes voix lyriques d’Afrique (Women of Africa) competitions.

We assist with the development of artistic residencies to accommodate young singers, musicians, composers, librettists and directors. The Atelier lyrique de Tourcoing lyrical studio, the Cité de la Voix center in Vézelay and the Festival Rosa Bonheur are just some examples of our endeavors in this regard in 2022.


angelique kidjo
Ablaye Cissoko, joueur de Kora


Give everyone access to music with festivals…and digital!

Festivals in France and in Africa

We support festivals that are characterized by ambitious programming and an international profile. In 2022, we are supporting some 17 festivals in 11 African countries as well as 19 festivals in France. These festivals are selected on the basis of specific sponsorship criteria (capacity for accommodating young artists, creative and innovative programming, development of workshops and mediation activities for remote audiences, free concerts, diversity of musical repertoires, etc.).


Access to music for all

We firmly believe that access to culture and music is a core part of social inclusion for isolated or remote audiences in neighborhoods, rural areas, hospitals, nursing homes, penitentiaries and other settings. We help to build bridges between artists and all audiences, especially those who are distanced from cultural offerings.

Every year, we fund the broadcasting of operas and ballets directly to cinemas or outdoor screens in village squares throughout our French regions, enabling thousands of people to go to the opera who do not otherwise have the means to attend. In 2022, we are helping the Paris Opera, Rennes Opera House and Lille Opera to broadcast their productions “outside the walls” and throughout the entire country.

In this spirit of solidarity with those who are even more distanced from the cultural sector, we are supporting the development of music in practice projects for young people in vulnerable areas (in 2022, these include: the Maitrise de Radio France radio apprenticeship program in Bondy, the Quartiers Musique NJP jazz project in Nancy, the Notes de Choeur choir in Seine Saint Denis, and Unissons in Limoges among others ) as well as workshops and concerts in hospitals (Tournesol, Artistes à l’hôpital) and nursing homes (Music O’Seniors).

All of the festivals we support in both France and Africa are also selected based on their capacity to develop local activities for remote audiences, particularly in rural settings with schools, in nursing homes, with Mission Locale centers established for the integration of young people and with local solidarity associations.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been encouraging the practice and the broadcasting of music from home through digital tools. In this regard, we are sponsoring two national platforms in 2022: « Vox, ma chorale interactive »”, an interactive choral platform created by Radio France and « L’Opéra chez soi » an offering from the Paris Opera that enables users to view recordings of operas, ballets and symphonic works.


La Nuit de la Voix

Our Nuit de la Voix cconcerts have been celebrating our musical sponsorship since 1991. These events, which take place every year in a Paris concert hall, allow us to showcase the talented artists whom the Foundation promotes and supports through its sponsorship.

Nuit de la Voix concerts bring together artists from different backgrounds and thereby give rise to new creations. Every year, this highly successful event is recorded and broadcast by a national radio partner so that it can be enjoyed by many thousands of music-lovers.


Nuit de la Voix, Auditorium de Radio France


Nuit de la Voix, with Africa in Music

Relive our exceptional concert which took place on November 22, 2021, in images; the event included André Manoukian, Angélique Kidjo, Ablaye Cissoko, Oum, BIM, Kandy Guira… Maîtrise de Radio France apprentices and the Orchestre la Tempête, conducted by Simon-Pierre Bestion.
Musical encounters and creations with 80 musicians and singers with backgrounds in jazz, classical and world music among others, all performing at the Maison de la Radio et de la Musique and broadcast directly on the FIP radio network.


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