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Nora Belahcen Fitzgerald,



Born in Morocco to American parents, Nora grew up immersed in these two cultures. She went through the Moroccan school system, and studied in the United States where she was awarded a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Spanish. Back in Marrakesh, she started a family. As a young mother with 3 children, Nora is aware of the issues facing mothers in difficulty. After a particularly distressing encounter with a young mother who was begging, she started the project that was to become AMAL. In 2013, she set up the AMAL centre, a restaurant charity.


The organization
The AMAL association for Culinary Arts

In different parts of Marrakesh


Her project
Providing small grants for women who want to set up their own catering micro-business.

The objectives of her project
The project, led by AMAL, aims to support 8 to 16 women set up their own catering micro-business. Each micro-business will include 2 to 4 women. The selected women are from disadvantaged backgrounds; they have all taken part in a 6 month training course in cooking, bakery, and table service. The trainee chefs have also received business training to learn how to manage a company, . The objective of this project is to help these marginalized women achieve economic independence by setting up their own restaurant. In this way, they can learn the confidence which comes from professional achievement.

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