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Always cheerful, Norayr Yenokyan immediately comes across as good natured.

Always cheerful, Norayr Yenokyan immediately comes across as good natured. Whenever an IT issue crops up, he is straight on the case! His colleagues at Orange Armenia are not the only ones who became aware of it. During the first range Volunteering Week in 2012, he came to the rescue of the Civitas NGO, which had discovered a bug in its server that was blocking incoming e-mails and internet access – all this while its network administrator was out of the country. Norayr volunteered to fix the problem, with a smile. Norayr was anything but a beginner. While working for the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the computer expert heard that two events run by the organisation were looking for volunteers.

In 2002, he helped Armenian parliamentary elections run smoothly by providing technical support for the international observers posted there.
A year later, he took on the same challenge for the presidential elections. He was responsible for configuring the computers and installing internet cabling, etc. Which helps to explain why he considers volunteering a civic duty…

After his first experience with an international institution, Norayr joined the Council of Europe before moving onto the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and then discovering the private sector through Unicomp, an IT manufacturer and distributor.

Following a number of jobs in public sector organisations, Norayr decided to target the private sector. Faced with a difficult job market, he tried approaching banks before hearing about the arrival of Orange in Armenia, a company well known for its economic, technical and international know-how. He wanted to be part of it and was one of the first recruits in December 2009.

I believe
everything is connected is life!

“There were three of us in the IT department back then”, he says. Now surrounded by a team of 30, the 40-year-old feels right at home. “I like meeting new people just as much as I like learning new things. That’s what I enjoy so much about volunteering, besides the moral satisfaction that it brings me. I’m still in touch with people I helped 10 years ago; who knows, maybe one day they will help me, perhaps even in a business context. I believe everything is connected is life!”
So speaks a network man.

by Anne-Laure Murier