Women for Change

«Helping girls living in the streets to reintegrate society»

Noushka Teixeira / Democratic Republic of the Congo

2014 special prize , for her project

In Kinshasa, many young girls and women live on the street and are at risk of violence. They must be protected and helped to find their place in society.

The concept:
To support orphans and victims of sexual violence with no family contacts and no place to go. The majority of these girls are aged between 13 and 16.
Thirty girls are already being cared for in the children’s home, which was set up in 2010. They receive training as well as physical and psychological care in a safe environment, so they can recover and plan for the future.

The aim of the project:
Set-up and furnish an educational centre in Kinshasa. The centre will look after young girls who are still living on the streets. As in the "Matumaini" centre, the girls will be housed and educated. They will acquire basic literacy, arithmetic, IT skills, etc. as well as being taught sewing and other skills to help them find jobs.
Manual, psychomotor and artistic activities as well as sessions with psychologists will help the girls to move forward despite past traumas.

The future:
The new centre will provide a safe environment for 50 girls currently living in danger. By educating and offering the girls vocational training, they will also learn about their rights - their rights as children and their rights as they become women.


Name of the NGO: Matumaini
Project beneficiaries: around 50 young girls.

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