Born in Casablanca, Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui is a singer-songwriter. An ambassador of Moroccan culture, her songs combine influences from jazz, soul, afrobeat, and Sufi music, and she draws on Hassaniya poetry (a Moroccan desert culture) and African rhythms.
Following "Soul of Morocco" in 2013 and "Zarabi" in 2015, her latest album "Daba" came out in 2019. Recorded in Berlin, Daba is a record that is both atmospheric and danceable. Expressed in a poetry stripped of any pretention, the themes addressed in this album are her humanism, her feminism, her spirituality, and the importance she gives to reconnecting with nature’s mysteries.
Oum was the Orange Foundation’s Coup de Coeur in 2014, when she made her professional début on stage at the Festival Au Fil des Voix in Paris.



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Phot credit: Lamia Lahbabi

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