I make 4 my city : Open source sports


Open source sports

FabLab Egyt - Le Caire  

An open source platform to reinvent sport: more accessible, more practical, more motivating... all thanks to digital technology, a spirit of solidarity and a community of sporty makers.

Who & what?
7 young enthusiasts at the Cairo Egypt FabLab have come up with the idea of this platform after having tried to reinvent 2 sports to make them easier and more motivating: table tennis with a transformable, flexible and multi-use table; and a bicycle equipped with LEDs displaying advertising so that the cyclist’s effort pays off.

The Open Source Platform has been created to combine various ideas and allow makers to build on them at a FabLab. The most interesting ideas on all sports imaginable can be worked on to make sport more exciting and accessible... and to change perception of sport.

By using their imagination and the potential of digital manufacturing! Passionate makers and sports fans meet on the platform and can develop their project, exchange ideas and inspiration via the international FabLabs network which also supports digital manufacturing of the equipment being created.





Three other random project...

The Solidarity FabLabs Challenge

Solidarity FabLabs introduce young people to digital manufacturing and provide training. Today the #Imake4MyCity challenge is allowing them to propose projects that make it easier for everyone, everywhere to take part in sport and also to contribute to changing the way that society looks at disability.