Our philanthropy policy

The Foundation at the heart
of Orange Group’s societal commitment

These days digital is all around us:
The Orange Group is proud to contribute to its development, but it is also aware of its responsibility. That is why we undertake to provide offers that respect the planet and people, to help everybody enjoy access to the possibilities that new technologies open up and to contribute to the economic and social development of the countries where the Orange Group is present. Our action supports two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Orange Foundation has been a driver of the Group’s commitment for over 30 years. Today, many employees are active in the field, everywhere, making digital technology an enabler of equal opportunity.

Digital technology can really help unemployed jobseekers, creating openings through its many new functions, giving those who are worst off access to education and healthcare. Making digital technology even more useful to the community is the Orange Foundation’s priority. For those who do not even have the basics, our Foundation also provides solutions to improve living conditions.


Making digital technology

Making digital technology a driver of equal opportunities for the social and professional integration of people in difficulty.

Our ambition
to support the disadvantaged, with help from our committed employees.

Our ressources
funding and supporting charitable projects equipping premises with new technologies and digital fabrication tools offering educational content online deploying our actions everywhere, from city centres to the most isolated areas.

Women, school pupils and young people experiencing exclusion
Those with limited access to healthcare, education and culture