Our philanthropy policy

Supporting equal opportunities through digital technologies

Because digital technologies are the Orange Group’s core business and solidarity is our raison d’être as a Foundation, we have made digital solidarity the guiding principle for our philanthropic initiatives in the 30 countries where we are present.

Our actions aim to support social and professional opportunities for disadvantaged young people and women, and people with autism, through primarily digital education programmes.

We act to improve living conditions for people in France and internationally by providing access to education and healthcare services for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We are contributing to the democratization of culture with our commitment to supporting singers and providing a platform to provide the widest possible access to culture.

Digital education: our priority

From the Solidarity FabLabs - innovative spaces designed to nurture digital projects - to digital schools in Africa and digital vocational workshops for young people who have dropped out of school in the Missions Locales in France, not to forget the Digital Centres for women from disadvantaged backgrounds in 18 countries, we are making digital education a stepping stone to autonomy, financial security and professional opportunity.


Working towards a better future for young people, helping the poorest students, and improving women’s financial independence through digital training.


Digital technology and health

Our health programmes address the needs in different countries: mother and infant care, basic healthcare in Africa, digital projects and research into autism and job opportunities for people with autism in France.


Providing access to healthcare for everyone in Africa, overcoming the challenges of autism in France and in Europe.


Offering access to culture for all

As the leading sponsor of opera broadcasts, we make the most famous works accessible in over 300 cinemas. We also support young singers all the way through to their emergence as professional artists.

More recently, in partnership with cultural institutions, we have produced MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). These are open to everyone and provide free access to cultural learning materials. They are designed to enable users to learn at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home.


Orange employees get involved

Our strength also lies in the generosity of our employee volunteers who share some of their time and skills with the beneficiaries of our programmes.


The Orange Foundation is also

The work of Orange Group employees with 8,000 Orange volunteers and almost 2,000 Orange employees involved in skills philanthropy programmes.