Participate! A website to better understand and manage autism

The website provides a number of multimedia tools (downloadable brochures, factsheets, testimonials, videos, etc.) in three areas :

  1. Understanding autism
  2. Helping my child develop
  3. Supporting the entourage

Two of the sections specifically address the needs of parents of autistic children. What does this condition involve for my child and the rest of the family? What does he/she need? How should one talk about autism? The website’s articles, written by experts, provide answers to these crucial questions. Parents can also fill in a “roadmap” for their child. It provides all the information necessary for others to understand the autistic child as best they can: his/her environment, interests, diagnosis, method of communication, skills, hobbies, diet, sleep, etc. It also gives carers a methodology for providing effective care.


“When the breeder asked me for more information on autism, I immediately referred him to the Participate! website. Brigitte Pire-Duquesne is the mother of an 18-year-old autistic boy. For his birthday, she decided to give him a pony. When she talked about it with a breeder, he wanted to know more: he didn’t want to give the young man any pony, but the one best suited to his character, skills, communication style, etc. Brigitte referred him to the Participate! website: the best way – she says – to learn about autism and to discover the teenager’s everyday existence. Indeed, like other parents, Brigitte opened a “roadmap” on the website, consigning in it the developments in her son’s condition. Then it was just a matter of finding the right pony…