I make 4 my city : Peteca and Lancer de Charentaises


Peteca and Lancer de Charentaises

FabLab la Casemate - Grenoble  

2 traditional sports from the Charente region, in France, and Brazil adapted to wheelchair users. At the Grenoble FabLab, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are making these sports more accessible.

Who & what?
8 young people aged 18 to 25, without qualifications & supervised by the Ecole de la 2eme Chance, have transformed 2 traditional sports into parasports, also making them more fun and cheaper.

To allow wheelchair users to take part by taking the diversity of the players and their disabilities into consideration.

Sensors will display scores, potentially recalculated depending on the disability. The size of one of the two playing fields will be expanded for wheelchair users.
The final life-sized game design as well as the manufacturing and communication around this project will take place in collaboration with the Grenoble city services.





The Solidarity FabLabs Challenge

Solidarity FabLabs introduce young people to digital manufacturing and provide training. Today the #Imake4MyCity challenge is allowing them to propose projects that make it easier for everyone, everywhere to take part in sport and also to contribute to changing the way that society looks at disability.