Pictogram room

Pictogram Room is a project of the Valencia University Spain and the Orange Foundation Spain that creates a playful and fun way of learning for people with autism.
Using a camera that recognizes movement, the image of a person is reproduced accompanied by a series of graphical and musical elements that help the person to learn new skills.

The program is free of charge and is compatible with PCs with Windows 7 operating system and requires a Microsoft Kinect Xbox.

Free download of Pictogram Room

Pictogram Room is only available in Spanish.

Pictograms are one of the most commonly used systems of alternative communication, but people with autism may not understand their meaning, because the slightest change in the presentations of a pictogram such as its thickness, color, shape etc., makes them unrecognizable. Thanks to augmented reality, pictograms superimposed on real objects can help people with autism see the connection between a real image and a pictogram in real time.

Educational activities

Pictogram Room has developed different educational activities designed to facilitate understanding of basic concepts, such as self-awareness, attention, imitation and communication. for people with low functioning autism. These activities are organized in several sets according to their educational level: individual work, interaction with the tutor, etc.,.

There are currently four sets of videogames (80 activities in total) designed to develop four areas of skills: The Body, Postures, Imitation and Indication. All the videogames can be customized and adapted the preferences of the user in terms of capacities, learning rate, colors and favorite songs.

All the activities are accompanied by a progress indicator placed on the top part of the screen. Whenever an exercise is completed a small marker ball fills with colour showing the progress made and the remaining amount of activity. This progress indicator creates a stable visual aspect and therefore predictable ground for the student with autism.
Pictogram Room was co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. The University of Birmingham, the Pompeu Fabra University, the Adapta Foundation, the Mira’m Foundation and the Autismo Burgos and Autismo Ávila associations also participated in its development.

Pictogram Room has received the award Best Practices for Social Inclusion from the Red Cross Spain in 2013.


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