I make 4 my city : Making drone piloting a sport for all


le projet
Making drone piloting a sport for all

FabLab Artilect - Toulouse  

Wykorzystanie pracowni FabLab w celu uczynienia z pilotażu drona ogólnodostępnej dyscypliny sportowej: wyprodukowanie niedrogich dronów przystosowanych dla osób niepełnosprawnych i zmagających się z trudnościami motorycznymi, aby mogły cieszyć się sportem i płynącymi z niego korzyściami.

Who & what?
5 young people aged 12 to 16 supervised by the Elheva association and the Solidarity FabLab team, who want to make piloting a drone a sport for all: children, the disabled, the elderly, young people without financial resources...

To help those who don’t have the financial resources to purchase a drone by manufacturing it themselves, to help people with disabilities or the elderly to get involved in this sport individually or in a team with adapted equipment, to encourage them to share knowledge and feelings. Freedom and support for all!

The equipment available at the FabLab helps with the design of drones adapted to previously identified disabilities and difficulties. It is now possible to manufacture them by modifying transmitters and glasses, for example. The more experienced help the others. Sports meets are organised to boost the skills of these people in need: orientation, precision, coordination, observation, concentration.





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