SantéBD is a communication reference tool describing the care, medical, dental, paramedical and hospital consultations, and preventative health measures. It is primarily intended for people with learning disabilities or autism, but can be used for people with visual, hearing or mobility impairments. SantéBD is equally useful for carers and health professionals.

SantéB meets three objectives:

  • Reduce the stress of consultation by preparing people with disabilities
  • Facilitate discussion between the health professional and the disabled person
  • Raise awareness and train health professionals in dealing with disabled people.

The SantéBD sheets can be downloaded for free on or consulted via the SantéBD app on a tablet or smartphone.



SantéBD has already proved a success in helping people with autism and learning disabilities access care.
This tool has a strong development potential in France and internationally.
Across the 2017-2019 period, we are supporting CoActis Santé in developing the SantéBD tool in several ways:

  • Creating new sheets, particularly regarding prevention and testing,
  • Developing SantéBD in foreign languages in order to help autistic people or with learning difficulties from abroad in France. To start with, the translation of the sheets is planned for English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • SantéBD will then be made available in languages also frequently spoken in France like Tamil or Chinese to help as many people autistic people as possible in our country.
  • In the long term, this job of developing foreign-language sheets could lead to the tool being used abroad. This includes Europe, but equally Africa, where communication surrounding health has traditionally been done using images.