Sima Asaturyan,
accounting for generosity

"In a professional context, volunteering helps everyone keep in touch with their inner humanity. It helps people cultivate and enrich their personal values . It is important to make a personal investment in a selfless way; everyone should do it.” The words of an accountant who is at home with language as she is with figures. A Volunteering Week organised throughout the entire Orange Group, in September 2012? “Sure!”, answered Sima Asaturyan, willing to share her skills and knowledge. After the Armenian subsidiary had spread the word amongst a number of different NGOs, she was assigned a mission in the village of Dsegh, where the local Young Persons’ Initiative Group wanted to learn how to use Excel. Clearly, she did a good job, as the Group has since asked her back to do some more training.


«The voluntary sharing of skills was a completely new experience for me,” says the twenty-nine year old. With her generous sparkling smile and her open-minded attitude, she had already won over a considerable number of people. When she was only nineteen, Sima set up an association called Save & Keep with her older sister. Still active, the voluntary association organises holiday camps for children in need, including both orphans and kids who live in state institutions, because their parents could not take care of them. In April 2011, the Orange Foundation was set up to formalise the social commitments of Orange Armenia, with a special focus on those disadvantaged children and families, as well as people with autism.

"It is important
to make a personal investment
in a selfless way ”

Sima joined Orange’s Erevan based subsidiary when it was launched in November 2009. And she was delighted to do so. “It was one of the biggest firms in the country; everyone dreamed about working there”, she says. Sima was a student at that time. Three years later, she graduated with a Master’s in Economics, after which she took a number of professional courses. “I want to grow!”, she says, charmingly. Orange provides her with an ideal opportunity. Two years ago, a call for employee-led projects was launched. Sima proposed to equip an orphanage with an IT room and a pottery workshop. For the second Volunteering Week, the fact that she teaches accounting or marketing is not important; priorities are dictated by the needs of the NGOs involved. “Philanthropic actions like these widen our horizons. And it’s all the more gratifying, because we can see the results immediately: you don’t have to wait until the end of the quarter to feel pride of what you’re doing!”

portrait by Anne-Laure Murier

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